Benny Vereecke, also known as Jackin’ Leo has a long history with music. It started 10 years ago. As a young boy Jackin’ Leo found salvation within music and he got the idea to do something with it. He wanted to create something that would be bigger than himself. Jackin’ Leo wanted a concept that would attract party people. He began to organize his ideas. He searched for locations and he talked to several people from the scene. Because of his honesty en sincere love for music he got the chance he wanted. Intekligence was born. It was a small party but has led to big success. The first steps in the scene were taken and the rest went without saying.

From that moment it could only get better. Jackin’ Leo got the taste of it and new ideas began to live in his head. He surrounded himself with the right people and started working on new things. He played at weddings, he did sets for schools and he got the chance to host an radio show. The radio show was that thing Jackin’ Leo needed to become greater. After a few years Jackin’ leo has grown into a better person and a better artist. He improved himself and wanted to do something with his new skills. Because of his never ending enthusiasm and love for music Jackin’ leo could take the steps he wished for. With the right people at his side en good contacts with the scene, Jackin’ Leo started JACK YOUR BODY. JYB, directed by the master himself , gived his first events at club ‘Zanzibar. It was a great success and Jackin’ leo could not be happier. With his productions he has reached the party people he wanted and he finally found a deeper love in music.

Jackin’ leo kept busy. With JACK YOUR BODY on the right path, he decided to work on a new event. With the new event in mind he hoped to reach a bigger crowd within the coastal cities. Summerfest was born. He collaborated with o’neill to give the event the proper shape. After a year of hard work everything was ready. Contact’s were made, sponsors were chosen, national and international dj’s were booked. Jackin’ leo has also established a special team to get the event known by as many people possible. Countless flyers were distributed and posters were hung in every conceivable place. Jackin’ leo expected 1000 people would come to his event, but there were 2500 people at the party. It was a big success and it confirmed that he was on the right path.

From that moment everything went faster. Jackin’ leo and JACK YOUR BODY were now known by national and international artists. Bookings offices began to show their interest in Jackin’ leo as an artist and as an event organizer. Jackin’ leo believes that he's doing the right thing to reach his goals. With people he love and trust at his side, there is a bright future waiting.


Deep house