What began as just a thing between two friends had grown in something special, sexy and wonderful. Miauw Miauw is the combination of Jackin’ leo and Oliver Extrano. Both of them has their own history and background, but they share the deep love for music.

Jackin’ leo and Oliver Extrano knew each other for a while but lost sight of each other. They met again at an JYB event and decided to breathe new life into their friendship. Oliver invited Jackin’ leo at his home to play and make music. During such moments they created their own sounds and style.

Oliver Extrano tends more towards tech house and oldskool sounds while Jackin’ leo find himself completely within deep house and Indi. Despite their differences in style they manage to combine their music in Miauw Miauw. They complement each other but they are also not afraid to expand their limits.

Both of them has their own connections and that ensures that they get great opportunities. A while ago Miauw Miauw got the chance to play a little set on Villa Bota. Thanks to the radio show they realized that Miauw Miauw is not a game, but something serious and successful. Jackin’ leo began to write emails to well-known clubs and events. Because of his history with JYB many managers and clubs were were prepared to give Miauw Miauw a chance.

Miauw Miauw is on the right path, a bright future awaits Jackin’ leo and Oliver Extrano. Miauw Miauw , a secret recipe for bringing tons of quality deep underground tech house on the table!